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Thanks for coming!

Lortimer Core posted Feb 8, 14
This week heralds the final raid of the guild rewind.

We will now begin anew on the server Dunemaul-Horde, with the guild <Provactive>

We have a new website up for our new project as well;

Head on over and submit an application and we'll make sure existing members of Rewind are given membership as soon as possible, and new recruits will be addressed as they apply.

Have any questions? Head over to the new site and post on the forums!

It's been fun :)

Getting together everyone on Steam.

Soul Officer posted Dec 28, 13
Adding everyone on Steam, feel free to message myself to get an invite to the group. (If you don't have steam....where have you been all your life?)
I'll just leave this here as well. See who actually checks on the site

Schlub Officer samezies, ruttyx1479
Renk Core If you like, invite me, steam name is information300


Soul Officer posted Dec 24, 13
(Don't use this as an excuse not to be ready for the 7th!)

Keep at it!

Lortimer Core posted Dec 14, 13
We will begin raiding Cataclysm on January 7th, 2014.

In the meantime, we will be working on leveling up and getting to know new members.

No raids until then.

Happy Holidays! : )

Heroic LK down!

Lortimer Core posted Dec 12, 13
As of Tuesday night at approximately 9pm, we have moved on to Cataclysm content. Check the thread for info. Congratulations to all those who gained their first title!

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